Who we are

My Child My Friend (MCMF) is a program by the Global Network for Life Skills and Development. The program equips parents, caregivers, teachers and those working with pre-teens and teens with the knowledge, skills, attitude and tools that they need to raise thriving pre-teens and teens and support them in their journey to wholesome adulthood.

Global Network for Life Skills and Development is an organization that offers training and capacity building programs in the health and development sector.

Our programs

We have programs for Pre-teens & Teens, Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Caregivers and all people working with pre-teens and teens.

We also offer our programs and support services to institutions such as Schools and Churches that host pre-teens and teens.

Our training, coaching and mentorship programs include:

How it works

Join the MCMF Community

MCMF provides a platform for pre-teens, teens, their parents, caregivers and those working with them to learn from and through each other with support of professionals to intentionally build capacity for a responsible and successful transition to adolescence, youth and adulthood.


Become a member


Access programs, tools, information and support


Practice and apply what you have learnt


Spread the gospel. Tell a friend to tell a friend

By being a member of MCMF, you:

  • Meet people with a common desire to help their children transit effectively into adolescence, youth and adulthood.
  • Receive life skills and strengths training to effectively raise your pre-teens and teens
  • Have access to mental health support towards raising pre-teens and teens.
  • Gain access to activities and services beneficial for effective and fun pre-teen and teen development and transition.


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