About Us

We help you develop a lasting friendship with your child.

Our Why

The pre-teen and teen stages are a very significant period in any child’s growth. According to psychosocial theory on human development, every child is going through a crisis at a psychosocial level that will affect their behavior, mental wellness and physical health either positively or negatively.

Caregiving plays an important role in as far as the pre-teen’s and teen's psychosocial growth and development is concerned. Sadly, research suggests that positive aspects of parenting decline during the pre-teen and early teen years as the parents take a firmer and often detrimental approach to raising their young ones.

We believe that children in the pre-teen and teen stage can negotiate this phase with better outcomes if they and their caregivers had a reliable and consistent support system just as a navigator is to a sailor or pilot. MCMF exists to provide this much needed support.

Our Mission

To impact future generations through conscious, intentional & responsible caregiving to pre-teens and teens today.

Our Values

In caring for teens and pre-teens, we are passionate, intentional, conscious, responsible and always act from a point of information/knowledge.

Meet the Founder

MCMF was founded in 2020 by Catherine Bikeri - a nurse, social behavior change practitioner, a clinical psychologist and community health and development expert.

Catherine’s passion working with Pre-teens and Teens stems from her long standing interaction with this group and as a mother to three children approaching and in this age group.

Catherine has a strong belief that God, parents, caregivers and peers strongly interplay to define a child’s destiny.

MCMF was born out of her desire to raise her children into wholistic and healthy adolescents and adults.

Meet the team

Our team of experts and professionals are readily available to offer support to each of our audiences.

Dr. Peter Changilwa

Director of Curriculumn Development

An experienced educator, life skills trainer and researcher. He holds a PhD in Curriculumn Studies and Instruction, and serves as the Curriculumn Developer and Accredition Liaison Officer at USIU.

Dr. Charity Waithama

Consultant Psychologist and Trainer

A Mental Health Consultant and educator with broad counseling, teaching, psychological assessment and administration experience. She is currently an assistant professor of Psychology at the United States International University - Africa (USIU-A).

Esther Wereh

Program Coordinator

A meticulous lady who oversees the administration and program coordination at MCMF. With 5 years experience in Project Management, Esther has a talent for ensuring that things run smoothly.

Elvis Kwaka Osongo

Program Lead (Learning through Fun)

A passionate teacher who finds satisfaction in relaying knowledge to kids. An all rounded children's teacher able to handle children from small age bracket to the teen age bracket.

Noel Khayanje

Director of Trainings

Has over 10 years experience leading life skills and psycho-social health programs. She has designed and led such vibrant programs in high schools, universities, communities and churches.

Mediatrix Musungu

Pyschological Counselor

A trained teacher, psychological counselor, Trainer of Counselors, Trainer of Trainers, Adherence Counselor (HIV) and Accreditor of level six Colleges.