MCMF Ushauri Clubs

This is a mentorship initiative which supports parents interested and motivated to walk with their children through the pre-teen and teen years.

At MCMF, we facilitate structured conversions on topics pertinent to the teen and pre-teen growth and development. Our curriculum meets international standards. Our facilitators are professionals skilled in children and adolescents’ growth and development.

Our activities are run through clubs made up of a maximum 15 pre-teens or teens organized as:

  • Cohort A- 10-12 years boys or girls
  • Cohort B- 13-15 years boys or girls

The clubs consist of teens and pre-teens of same gender. However, some sessions are run in mixed groups.

Beyond the structured sessions, your child will:

  • Grow a lifelong network of friends bound by similar and rich value systems
  • Interact with accomplished national and international guests
  • Take part in organized trips and excursions
  • Have time to play and enjoy their childhood

The cost of this program is Ksh.14,999 per person per training.

This includes:

  • An activity manual
  • 12 months of facilitated sessions
  • A branded T-shirt

More programs

MCMF Parenting Masterclass

Facilitated by a combined team of psychologists, educators and a behavior change expert, enroll for this 14 hours master class and harnessing on the skills you already have as a parent and get support for your journey towards becoming an informed, skilled and confident parent for your preteen and teen

MCMF Peer Leadership Academy

This project aims to build your child to be a pack leader. As children grow up into preteens and teens, their source of influence shift from parents and other figures of authority to their peers.

MCMF Workers Training

This project targets everybody who has interest or is already engaged in working with teens and preteens in his/her community. If you wish to further enhance your capacity to engage these groups, then this training is meant for you.